When Nick Jones starts to scribble on his white board, another epic sci-fi novel is born. His debut novel, The Whisper of Stars has captivated readers across the globe and received rave reviews. As our author of the day, Jones talks to us about why he likes sci-fi so much, what inspired him to write about human hibernation and how his black belt helps him to write his books.
Abandoned by his parents as a baby, bullied and treated as an outcast as a child, Howard Shulman experienced some dark times in his life. This, however did not hold him back from becoming successful and finding love. As our author of the day, Shulman talks about his memoir, Running From the Mirror, how writing it helped him to deal with his childhood trauma and how he found a way to forgive.
Katlynn Brook grew up barefoot in the African bushveld, with her own imagination the richest source of entertainment for herself and her family. When she discovered Tolkien's work, Brooke felt right at home in the world of epic fantasy and started writing her own. Today she chats with us about the first book in her series, The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, how her travels have influenced her work and how she uses dreams in her books.
Having worked there herself, Colleen J. Shogan enjoys using Capitol Hill as the backdrop for some of her books. Stabbing in the Senate is one such a riveting whodunit from her pen that keeps readers guessing right until the end. Today, Shogan reveals how she pulled off creating such a fast-paced book, how she uses red herrings to throw readers off the scent and how she is, in fact, a dog whisperer.
Natalie Wright has always been fascinated with stories about the future, aliens and the paranormal. This is evident in her work and thanks to her vivid imagination, coupled with a gift for writing, her books have won multiple awards. Today, Wright chats with us about her latest book in the H.A.L.F. series, The Makers, how the stories about grey aliens inspired her and how she keeps the relationships in her books real.
Michelle Hiscox is a newly published author who comes with a fresh approach to paranormal romance with her debut novel A New Day at Midnight. Her work is dark, exciting and very hard to put down. Today Hiscox reveals what inspired A New Day at Midnight, talks about her writing habits and her love for things that go bump in the dark.
The world needs more “quirky queer” spy novels, something that cousins Suzanne and Jack are happy to provide. The duo teamed up to write Transformed: San Francisco, a funny thriller that manages to capture the essence of The City by The Bay and its unconventional inhabitants.
Keith Foskett is a writer/hiker with a serious case of dromomania (wanderlust) and a knack for taking his readers along on unforgettable adventures. His descriptions of his epic thru-hikes are vivid, interesting and contain a healthy dose of humor. His latest book, Balancing on Blue, which describes his 2180 mile hike of the Appalachians, is no exception. Today Foskett chats with us about his book, how his wanderlust was born and how much a 5-month hike impacts one's life.
Multi-award winning author, Lisa Regan, writes parts of her bestselling crime/suspense novels in a small notebook whenever she finds a spare 10 minutes, with her dog cuddled up on her lap. Today Regan gives us some insights into the creation of Claire Fletcher, what inspired her to write this book and how she decided to be a writer rather than an astronaut.
Since releasing his first book in February 2015, Matt Ryan has published ten books, including the bestselling Preston Six series. His fans were thrilled when he announced his second series, the Alchemist Academy, which takes place in the same world. Today Ryan reveals why he created such an unique magic system for this series, why the teachers at the Academy are so ruthless and how Allie's character came to be.