Award-winning author Sylvia McDaniel loves to travel, knit, go fishing or hiking - but she doesn't have much time for any of these. Most of the time, you would find McDaniel working on one of her latest bestselling novels, much to the delight of her readers. Today, we chat with McDaniel about The Rancher Takes a Bride, how a TV show inspired the story of this book and why women love cowboys.
When she retired from her insurance executive job, Evelyn Lederman was looking forward to relaxing on the beach with her nose in a book. Little did she know that she was about to become a successful author of a series of books and would end up typing stories on her laptop instead. As our author of the day, Lederman chats about soul mates, parallel universes and reveals how her characters started talking to her.
Award-winning author Hannah Holborn writes riveting, dark suspense novels, inspired by her rehabilitation work with trauma survivors. The first book in her Missing & Exploited series, All That Remains, was very well received and boasts a near perfect Amazon customer review score. As our Author of the Day, Holborn chats with us about writing full time, her Nigerian Dwarfs and reveals how a character came to her in a dream.
JoHannah Reardon writes inspiring and heartwarming Christian historical fiction. She is also the former managing editor of, an online Christianity Today Bible study site. As our author of the day, Reardon reveals how Gathering Bittersweet was inspired by her grandmother's life, what she would have wanted to do if she didn't become an author and talks about poverty and compassion.
Dmitry Radbel, a.k.a. D.R. Bell, writes action-packed books that touch on serious topics and his book, Marshland, is no exception. Having grown up in the Soviet Union, Radbel likes to write about themes such as seduction of power, inequality and its impact on the society, consequences of financial policies, technological evolution and the global struggle for supremacy. As our author of the day, Radbel talks with us about every day people, conspiracies and what we can expect from his pen next.
A Southern gal at heart, author Jerri Hines is fascinated with history, especially the American Revolution. This shows in her work and inspired her to write the bestselling Winds of Betrayal, Winds of Change and Southern Legacy series. As our author of the day, Hines reveals some interesting aspects of her research for the books, talks about what shaped America and her journey as an author.
Growing up, Kat Ross has always been a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Inspired by Doyle's books and her love for the unexplained, she weaved a mystery series of her own. Set against the backdrop of a gritty 1888 New York, Book 1: The Daemoniac, is a book that keeps readers at the edge of their seats until the very last page. As our author of the day, Ross chats about her fascination with Doyle, everything Victorian and how she combats procrastination.
Tammy L. Bailey managed to write her debut novel while juggling a full time job, husband and children. Although finding time to write is a challenge for her, she certainly doesn't have any shortage of good ideas or determination. As our author of the day she fills us in about the writers who inspire her, how her years in the army influenced her as a person and writer, as well as what we can expect from her next.
Bestselling author, Craig DiLouie, has a knack for drawing you into a story and making you really experience it firsthand. His Crash Drive series is no exception, and puts readers aboard a submarine, fighting battles in World War 2. As our author of the day, DiLouie reveals how he paged through submarine manuals in order to make the book as realistic as possible, why he made the leap from horror to history and talks about his journey as an author.
Besides writing great romance novels, Serenity Woods enjoys juggling, archaeology and celebrating Christmas next to the pool. She lives in the sub-tropical Northland of New Zealand with her husband and teenage son and likes to write books about everyday people, with the issues that affect them. As our author of the day, Woods talks about her Christmas Boxset, Three Wise Men, why she is not a fan of alpha males and reveals what readers can expect from her pen next.