When Rob Dircks isn't helping other authors to get published or recording podcasts and audiobooks, he writes riveting novels. His book, Where the Hell is Tesla, boasts a near-perfect Amazon score and has been likened to the work of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. As our Author of The Day, Dircks talks about publishing, how his characters tend to go off on their own and reveals how fans convinced him to write a sequel.
When Matthew J. Beier isn't working as a screenwriter, filmmaker or photographer you will find him writing the next book in his Jonathan Flite series. His books have mystified and captured the imaginations of readers and critics have described it as a genre-defying series. As our Author of the Day, Beier chats about what inspired him to write the first Jonathan Flite book, talks about his writing habits and reveals which book he would really like to adapt for screen.
When Brandi Megan Granett is not practising archery, teaching or mothering, she writes romance novels with engrossing plots and conflicted heroines. Granett calls herself a total pantser, as she literally has no idea what is going to happen once she starts writing, which means that her books often contain surprises that you won't see coming. As our Author of the Day, Granett chats about love triangles, reveals her biggest obsession and shares some solid writing advice with us.
When Kevin Tinto, an avid mountaineer, skier, diver, private pilot and adventurer starts writing fiction, readers can know that they are in for a thrilling ride. Any of the adventures he takes his characters on, from high altitude mountaineering to skydiving to traveling to the ends of the Earth are things he has done himself. As our author of the day, Tinto explains how he writes with a GoPro camera in mind, talks about archaeology, politics and so much more.
Lance Conrad writes compelling, thought-provoking fantasy novels that keep readers at the edge of their seats. For Conrad, writing could be a struggle (he claims to have the attention span of a hummingbird), but he is delighted when students who never read anything actually get into reading his books. As our Author of the Day, Conrad chats about The Price of Creation, how Fantasy can help people live better lives and gives us a sneak peek into what he is working on now.
When Julie Anne Nelson isn't working as a technical editor, she loves to live out her passion for young adult fiction through her writing. Her wildly popular The Sevens series was inspired by a Percy Shelley poem and, as our author of the day, she tells us all about it. Nelson also talks about her writing habits, her tendency to sneak extra books in between writing/editing the main series and how her teaching career inspired her to write for young adults.
Gen LaGreca is the award-winning author of several Amazon bestsellers that were all written in different genres - or so it seems. Her first book might be a contemporary medical thriller, the second a murder mystery set in the Old South and the third a sci-fi thriller, but they all share similar themes such as freedom, individuality and being ahead of your time. As our author of the day, LaGreca talks about what she calls the "Gen-genre", reveals her writing habits and chats about why she likes to let her books stew a bit before publishing.
In a time when 80% of American families don't buy or read books, Bonnie Hennessy works as an author and English teacher, inspiring young people to become more interested in books. While reading a bedtime story to her daughter one night, Hennessy was inspired to write the real story of Rumpelstiltskin. As our Author of the Day, Hennessy reveals why she decided to retell the famous fairytale, talks about her work as an English teacher and why she had to reshape the Duke's character three times.
W.L. Liberman is a man with many talents. He has published nine novels, five graphic novels and a children’s storybook. Liberman is also the founding editor and publisher of TEACH Magazine; www.teachmag.com, and has worked as a television producer and on-air commentator. As our author of the day, Liberman reveals the inspiration behind Looking for Henry Turner, why he has a soft spot for the 1960s and talks about why family ties and loyalty to friends are so important in life.
When Lincoln Cole is not writing code as a computer programmer, he enjoys writing action-packed paranormal thrillers. Raven's Peak, the first book in his World on Fire series, has impressed most readers and boasts an almost-perfect review score on Amazon. As our author of the day, Cole chats about how his world travels have influenced his writing, reveals how he manages to remain on schedule and talks about creating complex characters.