Eugenia Riley - #1 Bestselling Author at Amazon in Time Travel, Victorian, Western and Historical Romance is back with a delightful contemporary romance: Natchez Nights. She answers our questions on what inspires her, what it takes to cook up a delicious romance novel and provides some valuable dating tips for those still looking for love.
When she isn't working on her wildly popular "Judgement of the Six" series, Melissa Haag likes to curl up with a book, spend time with her kids or sample new foods. Haag creates captivating and romantic paranormal fiction and her fans all agree: Hope(less) will get you hooked. She chats with us about Hope(less), the challenges of being an author and gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of the Judgement of the Six.
Ben Scott Craig, author of the highly rated Within: A Medical Suspense Novel, is back. This time with a riveting dystopian adventure, The Power Flux - set in a world in which fossil fuel has become unaffordable and the global economy is in shambles.