Author, Darrel Bryant, knows something about the topic of warriors. Over a ten-year period, he served in both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army where he learned about the courage and skills needed for the warriors of the Army's Special Forces.
Cynthia Hamilton is the author of eight books, which include fiction, mystery and memoir. Her latest book, Spouse Trap, was inspired by a rant and an idea to write a book called "The Slutty Detective." As our Author of the Day, Hamilton tells us all about it.
Greg Payan was born and raised in Queens, NY. While working full time as a journalist, fate intervened when his then partner, now wife, was struck by a sudden brain hemorrhage. He detailed the health crisis in his memoir, Please Stay (2018), his only full-length book. As our Author of the Day, Payan tells us all about it.
Megan Mackie is a writer, actor, podcaster and playwright. When she isn't knitting, playing Pathfinder or games involving dice, Mackie likes to write riveting books.
As a junior doctor the World Health Organization (WHO) offered Connie a fluke opportunity to eradicate a deadly disease in India—smallpox. It changed her life. As our Author of the Day, Connie tells us all about her experience and the memoir she wrote about it.
Doug Howery has been writing both fiction and essays since 1990. In many of his stories, Howery's source of inspiration is in the passion and suffering he has experienced. The Grass Sweeper God is no exception. As our Author of the Day, he tells us all about it.
A resident of Mission Viejo, California, Anne Moose has a background as an editor and small book publisher in Berkeley California, where she earned a degree in Social/Cultural Anthropology from U.C. Berkeley.
Linda Berry’s love of the written word and the visuals arts culminated in a twenty-five-year career as an award-winning copywriter and art director. Now retired, Linda writes mysteries and intense, fast-paced thrillers.
Jenni Ogden lives on an off-grid island in NZ and spends winters in tropical Australia. Her debut novel, 'A Drop in the Ocean' has won numerous awards and reached bestseller status in the US, Australia and Canada.
A recipient of the 2013, 2015 and 2016 Readers’ Favorite Award for Suspense and Romance, Lorhainne lives on the sunny west-coast Gulf Island of Salt Spring Island, is the mother of three, her oldest has autism and she is an advocate for never giving up on your dreams.