Action & Adventure

Aztec Odyssey

Jay C. LaBarge

The year is 1521, and Tenochtitlán burns. Wracked by plague and war, the majestic Aztec empire begins to crumble. As their beloved capital city falls to the ruthless Spaniards and hordes of vengeful tribes, the Aztecs make a last-ditch attempt to secretly save their heritage before it’s lost to the sands of time forever.


Niergel Chronicles - Last Hope

D. I. Hennessey

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Fantastic Christian Fiction! When a brilliant young scientist is awakened by an unusual visitor, it begins a fantastic journey that finds him facing dangerous perils and shocking supernatural threats, forcing him to face the Creator he has adamantly denied. Fans of supernatural thrillers and action-packed adventures will love this book.


War Torn

Jan Lloyd

1942 and young violin virtuoso Frances Meyer and her ailing Jewish husband, are fleeing occupied France and a man who is obsessed with her. She finds herself shipwrecked and alone in the cruel Atlantic Ocean. She wonders if it can get any worse.



Ron Schwab

In 1862 New Mexico Territory, amidst Civil War chaos, follow the unlikely friendship of Bushwa, a banjo-playing scalawag, and Win, an Iowa farmboy. Though their paths diverge, adventure, humor, and intrigue in an unforgiving landscape abound.



Andy Lucas

Ex-RAF pilot, James Pace, is looking for a new challenge when he unexpectedly lands a place on a lucrative survival race. Oblivious to the real reason he’s been chosen, Pace and his team soon find themselves stranded in the jungle, being mercilessly hunted. With death lurking behind every shadow, he must dredge up every rusty skill the military ever taught him and become their worst nightmare!