The Gwythienian

Savannah J. Goins

When turning invisible at her high school attracts unexpected attention from another world, Enzi’s drawn into a fight for survival in a magical realm.
Full of magic, mystery, and slow-burn feels, this YA portal fantasy is perfect for readers who enjoy no-spice romance, talking animals, & female protagonists finding their true strength.
Grab The Gwythienian now for an otherworldly journey!



T N Baldwin

Mythical creatures have driven humanity underground. Logan, a magus prodigy, Carla, his bitter tutor, and Junior, leader of the Scavs, want to restore humankind to the Open. Each is racing across dystopian Earth to recover a canister of rare liquid magicium in Shanghai for their own purposes. Can they overcome their many flaws and save humanity? Entire series on sale now!


The Cursed Odyssey

Frederick Martinus

31 December 2044. 1 January 2045. Five families win golden passes to strikingly exotic islands full of folklore's secrets in 2045. But the journey strikes terror into their hearts when some of them die mysteriously. As the survivors are trying to adapt to local wisdoms, it makes them realize the importance of surviving with the challenges.


The Song of Theodore

James Malone

Angels and Trolls. Völvas and Volvos. Epic Poems and Flying Pigs. The Song of Theodore blends history and fantasy in a stand-alone sequel to the award-winning Rainbow Gardens. World War 2 has ended, but not America’s hostility toward Japanese Americans, including veterans like Teddy. He returns to his father’s neon-lit motel where he confronts prejudice while fending off a band of trolls.


Of Light and Nightmares

Alex B. Harper

In this pulse-pounding urban fantasy, Emmeline, heiress to her parents' fortune, unwittingly steps into a world of monsters and magic, discovering she's a crucial guardian against dark creatures. As she rushes to hone her powers in time, two worlds will collide in a horrific showdown.


Realm of Hope

E.L. Li

In a Mortal Realm consumed by darkness, Skye, a cursed descendant of a powerful Goddess, accompanies her team of Agents on relentless missions to battle the encroaching darkness and uncover ancient truths, fighting not only external foes but also their inner demons.