Literary Fiction

Jasmines in Her Hair: Poetry for the Soul

Kalpesh Desai

“Jasmines in Her Hair” by Kalpesh Desai is a must-read for readers who will find resonance with various stages in their relationship journey. This poetry book is divided in 7 chapters that guide the reader on how to nurture relationships, love, heal, and rediscover themselves. This heartfelt collection uses simple yet evocative language to highlight the power of gratitude in relationships.


The Way We Forgive

R. F. Whong

Can a pastor's wife learn to forgive?
"A remarkable account of a real-life story"
“A touching story about forgiveness.”
- 110+ Amazon Reviews
The Way We Forgive reached Amazon’s #2 ranking in its category and #17,304 overall ranking in 3/2024.



Don Silver

Set to a killer soundtrack with Zeppelin, Bowie and Philly R&B, Scorched is an engrossing portrait of a young man’s coming-of-age and a gripping look at what happens when he tries to outrun his past.


Surviving Jane

Rodolfo Del Toro

David is burnt out and planning to take some time off. On the last weeks of his internship he is given a tough patient: a heroin addict, Jane Dow, who does not want to be in the hospital. Belligerent, and aggressive, Jane tests everyone’s boundaries. An journey of addiction, recovery, and hope. A richly detailed medical drama that provides an intimate look into life in a busy hospital.