John Falcone

Caudacity" by John Falcone is a provocative and unapologetic exploration of contemporary societal issues through the lens of race and politics. Falcone delves into a variety of topics, ranging from education and entertainment to historical perceptions and current social dynamics. He presents a critical view of what he perceives as anti-white sentiment in various facets of American life.


A Thousand Little Moments: Grace-Shaped Parenting

James Dickson

Parenting is a long-term journey, but most of us are simply trying to make it through each day. More than training tips, parents need to see in Jesus a new way to think about parenting that will free us from the urgency of the moment. Jesus had a long-term vision for His disciples that led Him to patiently engage with, delight in, shape, and pray for them.


Lois' Little Essays

Lois Vidaver

Welcome to this collection of six-minute essays! Just 600 (or fewer) words long, they open the door to the adventures of an award-winning reporter, avid tennis lover, passionate voter, cranky patient, grateful grandmother, devoted movie goer and joyful teacher.


You're Making This Way Too Hard: Find Your EASY Way to NJOYLFE

Angelo Valenti

What if I told you that the answers to finding your easy way to NJOYLFE already exist inside of you? Stop fighting the systems designed for you to fail! It’s time to realize that every problem in your life has a solution that you can take advantage of to make your life more vibrant, more successful, and most importantly, more enjoyable.


Pickleball for Life: Prevent Injury, Play Your Best, & Enjoy the Game

Sanjay Saint

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, in large part because it is so accessible. While it is easy to pick up a paddle and learn to play, it can be challenging to know how to prevent an injury. Coauthored by a personal fitness trainer and a physician, this book offers needed guidance to players at all skill levels and entry points.