The Repayment

J.C. Moore

Sarah's world goes haywire when her abusive husband abandons her for another woman. She's left with nothing but a decrepit farm with a guest house teeming with secrets.


Red Night

RK Close

A vampire, a hunter, and a young private investigator must overcome their differences in order to stop a serial killer. When Adam's attention draws the interest of his worst vampire adversary, Samantha becomes the killers next target.


Who The Monsters Are: A Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance (Hunters & Dragons Book 1)

Nadine Little
Raine is an orphan who hunts dragon shifters for the Vanatori. Jay could be the key to finding the monsters that murdered her parents. But is having his sister held hostage enough to explain his knowledge of their society? Can he really be as shy and innocent as he appears? Or is Jay leading her into a trap?


A.L. Hawke
On a road trip across the USA, while nearly being knocked off the highway, Amanda has a chance encounter with a shadowy man wearing shades. Amanda soon learns that devils won’t stop pursuing her. Not before they steer her into more danger.