The Billionaire's Fake Marriage

MacKenzie Stowe

I asked her to marry me to save my company, I never thought I would fall in love with her.
My company, my life’s work is on the line.
I need to get married and fast and Mika, my assistant is the only choice.
I won’t think about how this takes away the whole problem of dating an employee.
But it doesn’t take away my desire to make her mine.


The Displaced Indian Bride

Florence Linnington

Kimana is a lone Shoshoni woman without hope. Set upon by men who mean to take her virtue, she flees into the Nez Perce Reservation. But she will be sent to a prison in the East unless she marries Dancing Stream, son of a white man and a Nez Perce woman. With a yawning chasm between them, Kimana and Dancing Stream must find a way to bridge the gap.


Double Devotion: LOVE HEIGHTS

Sima Ben

Everyone knows who Michael Jones is.
He’s a movie star, a rock legend.
An effing Idol.
I was ready to give Michael everything. Not for the money or the fame but for the beautiful
soul, he hides away from the spotlight.
There’s only one problem. A gorgeous problem with eyes to die for. His name is Avi, and he’s
Michael’s best friend…



James Leonard

Gable lives in isolation... Until Montgomery Widener decides he wants control of the town’s water supply. Together with his neighbor Maggie, Gable embarks on a dangerous path to restore peace. Can he save his land without drowning in a sea of bullets?