Line Change

G.K. Brady

There’s only woman for him. The problem? She belongs to his best friend.

Second place doesn’t sit well with Marty LeBrun, but he’s loyal. When he keeps his buddy’s secrets and Claudia Campbell discovers what he’s been hiding, it’s game over.
After a chance encounter reunites them, can they get over the past and take a shot at winning the biggest prize of all?


Protecting Eagle

Jane Blythe

There isn't anything Eagle Oswald won't do to protect his family and his company, including locking up the woman he hasn't been able to get out of his head since she started working for him.


Rogue Cyborg

Grace Goodwin

He conquers her, body and soul. Makarios of Kronos is a rebel, a smuggler who reports to no one, not even those on Rogue 5. But one betrayal sends him to a Coalition brig, and to a fate worse than death—capture by the Hive. He'll do anything to regain his freedom, even agree to a bargain with a beautiful, cunning warrior with secrets of her own.


Frontier Feud

Jesse Storm

For his whole life, Henry Henderson assumes that his father’s death has something to do with the family feud between the Hendersons and the Cartwrights. But it seems that a cunning rancher named Alexander Roberts is also involved. When Henry meets Sarah Cartwright, they resolve to uncover the truth and put the feud between the two families to rest.


On the Table

Ashley Loren

Esmerelda lost her boyfriend and her job. She thought things couldn’t get worse until her sister devised a plan: open a fortunetelling shop together. The problem is she wants nothing to do with telling fortunes. Will she prioritize her sister’s needs or pursue her own happiness? Esmerelda must face her past and look into the future one more time to see who she needs to become to save them both.