Taming Beckett

G.K. Brady

Hockey’s bad boy, Beckett Miller, has it all. Until his bad habits wipe him out.

In his struggle for redemption, he falls for Paige Anderson, the only woman who wants nothing to do with him.

Paige has a big heart and a husband with a secret. She’s Beckett’s last chance to survive, but will helping him mean losing herself?


The Sun Never Sets

James Leonard

After the tragic loss of his wife and son, Ezra takes his daughter and heads West.
On the wagon train, he meets Lizbeth, who’s fleeing from outlaw Brig Howard.
With Ezra's help, she faces her fears. But can they outrun Brig's relentless pursuit?


Just One Date

chris keniston

When headstrong CJ steps in to cover for her flighty sister — by posing as infuriatingly handsome billionaire Chase’s wedding date — they form a connection neither saw coming… This fake date romance will sweep you off your feet!


Texas Ranger

William Black

Mitchell couldn’t stop his parents’ death when he was a boy. Now the outlaws and Indians of Texas can’t stop Mitchell. Fifteen years after a Comanche raid upturned his life, Mitchell joins the newly formed Frontier Battalion to help bring peace to his Texan homeland. He’s putting desperadoes on notice: pay the price for what was done to his family.