Science Fiction

Bright Triad

Daniel Zeigler

A groundbreaking project. A chance to cure the criminal mind. A vivid hope that spirals into a nightmare of human frailty and murder. If you like heroes who grow, attitude without the foul language and sleaze, and surprising twists, then you’ll love Daniel Zeigler’s insightful exploration of the intersection of reason and faith in this gripping Christian science fiction novel.


Hear, O Earth!

Daniel Arenson

They came from beyond. From beyond the galaxy. From beyond human understanding. They came with one mission. To kill us all.

From the shadows of despair, heroes will rise. Heroes will sound the cry of our world, the prayer of our people. "Hear, O Earth! We will live!"

From the USA Today bestselling author of Earthrise comes a tale of courage, sacrifice, and honor among the stars.


The Infinet Directives

John Akers

When the world’s most powerful AI is reprogrammed with the Three Laws of Robotics in reverse, an inventor of mixed-reality glasses and his team are forced to run for their lives. They must unravel the logic of the Infinet’s new directives and what it means for humanity, all while avoiding being discovered. Because the one thing they know for certain is that if the Infinet finds them, they're dead.


28 Days

Sue Parritt

Melbourne, February 2100. Emma Cartwright has 28 days left to find work, otherwise she must report to the Productive Citizens Bureau and accept any vacancy, regardless of location, pay or conditions. Her situation becomes even more grave when the Employment Positions Portal is disabled and the government refuses to extend her unemployment period.



Nicolette Fuller

After the world ended and mankind fell, Professor Dorian rose from the ashes to create a new dawn. In doing so he created the peacekeepers, and Hokura: the perfect being who held more importance than she would ever know. As she's thrown into training and life as a peacekeeper, she comes to realize there's something that sets her apart from the others.



Stephen Drake

It's the year 2070, and Socrates is stationed in Tacoma, PC-Washington. His mission is to investigate the people living in this Plane of Reality, and locate the ne'er-do-wells from his own Known Seven Planes that may have crossed over to wreak havoc.
But is his magic stronger than the technology of 2070, and what will he do when confronted with one of his own kind?