Permafree Promotion

Permafree Promotion

Do you have a permafree book? If so, why not publish your book to our online library at ManyBooks. Some of our published books have had more than 120,000 downloads and with the website surpassing 500,000 visitors per month, you can be sure your book will be exposed to a wide, new audience.

A listing includes

Display your book to 500,000 new readers every month and get a minimum of 500 downloads.

Website Exposure

Your book will be selected as Editor’s Choice and featured at the top of its genre pages, until you have had at least 500 downloads.

Member Newsletter

Be included in our monthly newsletter that goes out to 100,000 readers.

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How do I publish my book to ManyBooks?

Fill out our short form, if your book is approved, we will send you instructions on how to publish your book to the site.

What are the requirements?

Your book must be listed on Amazon. From there we can make a decision as to whether your book is a good fit.

What about copyright?

ManyBooks will not own any rights to your book, the author/publisher retains full ownership rights.

What if I want to remove my book from the site?

You can remove your book at any time. Just sign into your account, go to your book page and click ‘Delete’ above your book cover.

How can I pay?

We will send you an invoice via PayPal once your book has been accepted.

Can I publish my book on the website if it’s a paid book?

No, but you can promote discounted books in our daily newsletter which goes out to 150,000 subscribers. You can find our submission form for the newsletter here:

Our team
  • Lisa
    Author Accounts

    If you’ve worked with us in the past chances are you already know Lisa. She is our main contact person for authors and generally keeps the lights on around here.

  • Naomi
    Website Editor

    From articles and author interviews to top books of the month, Naomi manages our publishing schedule and is the person to talk to for all things editorial.

  • Maria
    Newsletter Editor

    365 days a year, our newsletter goes out like clockwork every morning thanks to Maria. She’s also in charge of approvals, so it is best to keep on her good side.

  • Magdi
    Sales and Outreach

    The latest addition to the team, Magdi, manages our sales initiatives and makes sure we keep the ball rolling. She’s great at discovering new, talented authors to work with.