A Tale of the Last Kafir War
by Bertram Mitford
by Radclyffe Hall
Or, A Spring in the Pyrenees
by E. Ernest Bilbrough
A Romance of New England Life
by Lottie Blair Parker, Joseph Rhode Grismer
by Mary Noailles Murfree
by John G. McDaid
Weihnächtliche Geschichten
by Anna Schieber
by Randall Garrett
by Lester del Rey
by Randall Garrett
by Winston K. Marks
by Annie Vivanti
492,633 Marlon Brandos
by Vance Aandahl
by Annelie Wendeberg
Made by Spry's Amazing new One-Bowl Method
by Anonymous
Or, What's In A Dream. A Scientific And Practical Exposition
by Gustavus Hindman Miller