Lisbeth Longfrock

Lisbeth Longfrock


(3 Reviews)
Lisbeth Longfrock by Hans Aanrud





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Lisbeth Longfrock


(3 Reviews)

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too weak for anything else.

Now it was the custom in Norway for the spinning woman to take back to the different farms the wool she had spun, and for the farmers' wives to praise her work, treat her to something good to eat and drink, pay her, and then give her directions about the way the next spinning was to be done. All this Randi would have to give up for the present--there was no help for it; but she wondered how it would do to send Lisbeth to Hoel Farm in her stead. The little girl would find her way safely, Randi was sure, although Randi had never as yet taken her to that farm because it was so far off. The payment for the spinning was to be in eatables as well as money, and Lisbeth could bring home part of what was due. Then, though they still might lack many things, their drop of coffee could have cream in it, as coffee ought to have. The remainder of the payment and the directions for the next spinning Randi herself could get when she was better.

If she could only be sure that Lisbeth

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Based on the Norwegian story "Sidsel Sidsærk," this is the tale of a young peasant girl growing up in the mountains, her highest ambition to become head milkmaid. It's undoubtedly a very accurate account of Norwegian farm life of the time, but that life seems unexciting.
I really enjoyed reading this book.

It is like the Norwegian version of "Heidi"
and it is a very relaxing read ;-)

The story follows Lisbeth Longfrock from
the age of a little girl to a young woman.