Molly Make-Believe

Molly Make-Believe


(4 Reviews)
Molly Make-Believe by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott







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Molly Make-Believe


(4 Reviews)

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aside he sank back luxuriantly again into his pillows, and grinned without any perceptible effort at all as he planned adroitly how he would paste the Serial Love Letters one by one into the gaudiest looking scrap-book that he could find and present it to Cornelia on her birthday as a text-book for the "newly engaged" girl. And he hoped and prayed with all his heart that every individual letter would be printed with crimson ink on a violet-scented page and would fairly reek from date to signature with all the joyous, ecstatic silliness that graces either an old-fashioned novel or a modern breach-of-promise suit.

So, quite worn out at last with all this unwonted excitement, he drowsed off to sleep for as long as ten minutes and dreamed that he was a--bigamist.

The next day and the next night were stale and mean and musty with a drizzling winter rain. But the following morning crashed inconsiderately into the world's limp face like a snowball spiked with icicles. Gasping for breath and crunching


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(1911) Romance, Humor, Feel-good
R: *****
Plot bullets

A temporary bed ridden man subscribes to a paid service that delivers periodic letters, as from a friend.
There seems to be more sympathy and understanding in the paid letters, than from his fiance.
A make-believe friend, distant fiance (in more ways than one) and a pain racked body. What kind of life is this?
A doctor can only heal the anatomical head and heart.
Could the r
Charmingly romantic story of an invalid, left to solitary recuperation, who subscribes to a letter service to keep his spirits up. The characters here are much more fully drawn than Abbott's typical archetypes.
what happens when you are too sick to be moved, only love of your life has left you and life is very very bleak. well you start to subscribe the professional letter writer for special package of love letters.
loved this book for its simplicty.
I loved reading this book. It looks back on a time when a girl had to be everything for the man she loved: his mate, his distraction, his unique thought...It's either a book for young girls, still very idealistic, or old girls like me who have lost all their illusions but still like to be made to believe...