Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip


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Freudian Slip by Franklin Abel







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Freudian Slip


(2 Reviews)
Things are exactly what they seem? Life is real? Life is earnest? Well, that depends.

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of orange light was slowly swelling. Herman watched it without much interest.

Hairy broke out into a torrent of cursing. "I this and that in the milk of your this!" he said. "I this, that and the other in the this of your that. Your sister! Your cousin! Your grandmother's uncle!"

Four-eyes listened with awed approval. "Them was good books, hah?" he asked happily.

"Better than those scratchings in the caves," Hairy said.

"Something to think about till they haul us out again. Well," said Four-eyes philosophically, "here we are."

* * * * *

The orange spot had enlarged into the semblance of a lighted room, rather like a stage setting. Inside were two enormous Persons, one sitting, one standing. Otherwise, and except for three upholstered chairs, the room was bare. No--as they swooped down toward it, Herman blinked and looked again. A leather couch had appeared against the far wall.

At the last moment, there was a flicker of motion off to Herman's left. Something th

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An entertaining and interesting story right up until the end - at which point the author seems to have lost all ability to be creative and find any sort of sensible landing point.
An amusing story. One evening all the rocks and minerals in the Earth disappear, and it's up to a New York psychoanalyst to restore the memory of the entity responsible for remembering that the Earth has earth. It's actually a little more complicated than that, and the frustrations of Herman Raye are funny throughout the story.

I liked it.
Sonia Iris Lozada - Revealing the Unspoken Hidden Moments From Our Lives
FEATURED AUTHOR - SONIA IRIS LOZADA is a poet and performer fascinated with time, history and dreams. She got her start playing and recording with alternative punk bands in the 1980s, and is the founder and publisher of LOZT Magazine, which covered many bands of that era. Sonia is also an actor for both stage and screen. Her other passions include design, decoration and spiritual development. She’s been writing poetry since she learned how to spell. As our Author of the Day, Lozada tells us all about her latest… Read more