The Man With The Broken Ear

The Man With The Broken Ear


(3 Reviews)
The Man With The Broken Ear by Edmond About





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The Man With The Broken Ear


(3 Reviews)

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pretty Andalusian feet, arched and beautifully rounded. All her glances were smiles, and all her movements caresses. Add to this, that she was neither a fool nor a prude, nor even an ignoramus like girls brought up in convents. Her education, which was begun by her mother, had been completed by two or three respectable old professors selected by M. Renault, who was her guardian. She had a sound heart, and a quick mind. But I may reasonably ask myself why I have so much to say about her, for she is still living; and, thank God! not one of her perfections has departed.



About ten o'clock in the evening, Mlle. Virginie Sambucco said it was time to think of going home: the ladies lived with monastic regularity. Leon protested; but Clementine obeyed, though not without pouting a little. Already the parlor door was open, and the old lady had taken her hood in the hall, when the engineer, suddenl


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A thoroughly boring storing in which *nothing* happens in the first 11 chapters, and little of consequence takes place thereafter. Skip this one.
(1867) Sci-fi (Resurrection) / Romance / Humor (Whimsical)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

A French Colonel, during the Napoleonic Wars, is given a death sentence, in Russia, as a spy.
A doctor takes his body, at near death, and desiccates it, in the hope of future reconstitution.
He is brought back to life, forty six years later, but not before his ear becomes damaged, while he is still in his rigid state.
It has been seventy years since his birth, but he has a body in it\'s twenties and possesses the same nationalistic bravado, as when he died.
At his death he lost his betrothed only to awaken and fall in love with a girl of the same name and appearance.
This is a sign to him and he pursues her to the detriment of the young man who is responsible for bringing his otherwise mummified body back to France..
This sleeper, with the broken ear, awakes to find riches, but desires what he cannot fulfill. Time is a cruel master, even when one sleeps.

A quirky but thoroughly enjoyable novel. The central, character is a swash-buckling, self-important, self-centred, bullying, English-hating war-monger. You may empathise with him and despair of him by turns. The story begins with an interesting piece of science-fiction but develops into a rollicking, pacey tale. I loved it.
Christine Miles - Brains, Quips, and a Fair Amount of Brawn
FEATURED AUTHOR - Christine Miles is a full-time writer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An avid reader and writer since elementary school, her passion for literature inspired her to pursue a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing. She writes YA and Adult Contemporary Romances with sassy, independent heroines and swoony heroes who love them for their strength. When not writing romances, she loves traveling, binge-watching shows on streaming apps, reading mysteries and thrillers, listening to music, and… Read more