The Unspeakable Perk

The Unspeakable Perk


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The Unspeakable Perk by Samuel Hopkins Adams





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The Unspeakable Perk


(1 Review)

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d all that sort of thing. He must quite hate himself, poor Fitz, for falling in love with a little Yankee like me. In fact, that's why I made him do it."

"And now you wish he hadn't?"

"Oh--well--I don't know. He's awfully good-looking and gallant and devoted and all that. Only he's such a prickly sort of person. I'd have to spend the rest of my life keeping him and his pride out of trouble. And I've no taste for diplomacy. Why, only last week he declined to dine with the President of the Republic because some one said that his excellency had a touch of the tar brush."

"He'd better get out of this country before that gets back to headquarters."

"If he thought there was danger, he'd stay forever. I don't suppose Fitz is afraid of anything on earth. Except perhaps of me," she added after-thoughtfully.

"Young woman, you're a shameless flirt!" accused the invisible one in stern tones.

"If I am, it isn't going to hurt you. Besides, I'm not. And, anyway, who are you to judge

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* The Unspeakable Perk? Not some hideous barbarian. But, misunderstood, yes.
* A Caribbean Island.
* A young rich girl.
* A bashful Doctor.
* A meeting.
* A back and forth romance.

A delightful romance of the young liberated woman and a shy, woman fearing Doctor. The furtive banter between the girl and boy is by itself, a reason to read the story.
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