The Adventures of the Infallible Godahl

The Adventures of the Infallible Godahl


(3 Reviews)
The Adventures of the Infallible Godahl by Frederick Irving Anderson







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The Adventures of the Infallible Godahl


(3 Reviews)
Six short stories featuring a roguish master thief. The Infallible Godahl -- Blind Man's Buff -- The Night of a Thousand Thieves -- Counterpoint -- The Fifth Tube -- An All-Star Cast

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hief, I imagine, let alone the danger of getting snipped with a pistol ball on a venture."

Armiston puffed up his chest and shot his cuffs again.

"How does he get his plots?"

Armiston knitted his ponderous brows. "There's the rub," he said. "You can talk about so-and-so much a word until you are deaf, dumb and blind. But, after all, it isn't the number of words or how they are strung together that makes a story. It is the ideas. And ideas are scarce."

"I have an idea that I have always wanted to have Armiston get hold of, just to see what he could do with it. If you will pardon me, to my way of thinking the really important thing isn't the ideas, but how to work out the details."

"What's your idea?" asked Armiston hastily. He was not averse to appropriating anything he encountered in real life and dressing it up to suit his taste. "I'll pass it on to Armiston, if you say so."

"Will you? That's capital. To begin with," Mr. Benson said as he twirled his brandy glass wit

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While his writing is nearly as cryptic as Chesterton the author's stories have more down to earth subjects. Result is a collection of master thief shorts set in 1910's New York that each give you food for imagination and some thought afterwards. Definitely not pulp.
Wow, is this guy's stuff great! Each short story contains enough plot, with twists, for at least an entire novel.

Hope more of his books will be coming on-line soon.
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