The Aural System

The Aural System


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The Aural System by Charles Hardy







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The Aural System


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Beingthe most direct,THE STRAIGHT-LINE METHODfor theSIMULTANEOUS FOURFOLD MASTERYof aFOREIGN LANGUAGEteaching simultaneously toSPEAK, UNDERSTAND, READ, AND WRITE,byA Linguist of nearly 40 years standing, and nearly 20 years resident abroad.

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actice in speaking is also to be obtained by the pupil's narrating to the teacher in the language of the original, the contents of each paragraph. He need not of course attempt to recite by heart the words of the text, but merely repeat the sense.

Mr. Chardenal recommends the pupil to translate mentally an increasing number of sentences daily and to repeat them as frequently as possible during the day. The sentences should illustrate important rules. His object is to induce mental work, personal labour on the part of the pupil.

Arminius Vambery's method was to enter into imaginary conversations with himself.

All these methods do not mean discordance but agreement. All methods which concurrently with Grammar, mean practice or induce it, are good. This is the pith and secret of all successful systems: practice with method often, much, and aloud but by all means master the Grammar as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and thus practice strengthens grammar, while grammar guides and

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