The Mysterious Spaniard

The Mysterious Spaniard


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The Mysterious Spaniard by Anonymous



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The Mysterious Spaniard


(1 Review)

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o make you answer for your behaviour."

"Our business, friend, is here," replied Montreville. "We are three half-starved travellers, who request to be allowed to shelter ourselves in your house during the night."

"Half-starved travellers, indeed," grumbled out the host: "it is worth while raising a man out of his sleep, to attend to half-starved travellers, truly."

"But my friend only means," said Franval, "that we are very hungry travellers, not very poor ones; and I add in his name, and my own, that we will reward you very liberally for any accommodation you may grant us."

"Upon the word of a Christian," said Henri, "there is gold in the saddle bags of both these gentlemen."

"All the better for them," returned the host, "but as I am no robber, nor can admit them into my house, none of it is likely to fall to my share."

"Why can you not admit us?" enquired Franval. "We are not robbers any more than yourself."

"It cannot be," returned the host.

"So you ha

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A French knight fetches his sister from her convent school and finds her infatuated with a stranger she saw once. Coincidentally, the stranger is at their home when they arrive. Marriage and babies follow. The husband disappears, and the Frenchman and a friend set out to find him.
Actually, a pretty good story, better written than most romantic thrillers, though a bit archaic. The ending ties up the mysterious events, but requires a very generous reader to accept.
This author was certainly prolific.
P.G. Smith - Classic Gothic Horror Set in Small-Town Maine
FEATURED AUTHOR - P.G. Smith is a former U.S.Army officer, public school administrator, special education teacher, and mental health counselor. While pursuing this wide variety of occupations, his writing has also appeared in periodicals to include Country Living, Military History, Canada's History, National Guard, Career World, and the Boston Globe. These days he divides his time between Boothbay Harbor, Maine and Ashburnham, Massachusetts. As our Author of the Day, he tells us all about his book, Prayers for… Read more