Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung

Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung


(2 Reviews)
Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung by II Appleton Victor









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Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung


(2 Reviews)
Tom Swift Jr. is working with the Navy to recover a Jupiter probe missile designed and built by Swift Enterprises when the Brungarians attempt to steal the probe and its scientific data.In a race against time, Tom invents several underwater devices to assist with the recovery and counter the threat of a stealth submarine developed by the Brungarians.

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gave Tom a hug and greeted Bud warmly. Over the delicious dinner, the conversation turned to the mysterious thief missile.

"Who on earth could have fired it?" Sandy asked.

Tom shrugged. "No telling--yet. There's more than one unfriendly country which would give a lot for the data picked up on our Jupiter shot."

"You aren't expecting more trouble, are you?" Phyl put in uneasily.

Tom passed the question off lightly in order not to alarm his mother and the two girls. But inwardly he was none too sure of what his survey expedition might encounter in trying to locate the lost probe missile.

Ever since his first adventure in his Flying Lab, the youthful inventor had been involved in many daring exploits and thrilling situations. Time and again, Tom had had to combat enemy spies and vicious plotters bent on stealing the Swifts' scientific secrets.

His research projects had taken him far into outer space and into the depths of the ocean. With his atomic earth blaster, Tom ha

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As the title hints, this is one of the Tom Swift JUNIOR series of books, which followed the original Tom Swift adventures by about half a century. The level of technical detail is much higher than the original books, but the contemporary context is just as apparent and entertaining. Instead of the turn-of-the century intrigues of the original series, this one features 'Brungarians' who seek to capture a sunken space probe returning from Jupiter. Less character development than the original series (if that is possible) and, for my taste, less entertaining, too.
Hyperactive tale of the boy inventor Tom Swift and his team of pals and scientists as they race to recover a space probe that crash-landed into the ocean, while fighting their Brungarian enemies on land and sea. Look for at least two new inventions per chapter, including one that requires Tom to buy a dolphin. Every breakfast, lunch and dinner Tom eats is noted in detail, and he throws a square dance.