Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat

Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat
or Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure


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Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat by Howard R. Garis





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Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat
or Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure


(1 Review)

Book Excerpt

h of science.

While father and son were deep in a discussion of the apparatus of the submarine, there will be an opportunity to make the reader a little better acquainted with them. Those of you who have read the previous volumes of this series do not need to be told who Tom Swift is. Others, however, may be glad to have a proper introduction to him.

Tom Swift lived with his father, Barton Swift, in the village of Shopton, New York. The Swift home was on the outskirts of the town, and the large house was surrounded by a number of machine shops, in which father and son, aided by Garret Jackson, the engineer, did their experimental and constructive work. Their house was not far from Lake Carlopa, a fairly large body of water, on which Tom often speeded his motor-boat.

In the first volume of this series, entitled "Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle," it was told how he became acquainted with Mr. Wakefield Damon, who suffered an accident while riding one of the speedy machines. The accident disgus

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(1910) Sci-fi (Invention) / Adventure (Treasure hunt) / Young Readers

R: * * * (as a young reader's book: * * * * )

Plot bullets

Tom's scientist father, has built his latest incredible invention, a submarine.
There are of course, other submarines. In fact there is to be a contest for a government contract.
The contest is set aside in order to take advantage of their ability to dive deep, stay under water a long time and exit in special suits while underwater..
A ship with gold bullion aboard, was sunk off South America.
The boy Tom, his father and other interested parties set off to find the treasure.
Others are interested in the treasure also, as it is fair game for the first to find and recover it.
Perhaps it can be found first by 'Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat',

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