The Indulgence of Negu Mah

The Indulgence of Negu Mah


(3 Reviews)
The Indulgence of Negu Mah by Robert Arthur





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The Indulgence of Negu Mah


(3 Reviews)

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"If she had only come to me and said she desired her freedom. If they had only both come together and faced me, saying that though it meant giving up all they had, they wanted only each other! I would have been generous. I would have been indulgent. But they did not. They had not the courage. They were afraid of me. And they hated me."

Negu Mah was silent for a moment. Both he and his guest stared toward the graceful shaft of the Vulcan, now fully silhouetted against the whole tremendous bulk of Jupiter, sitting like a titanic scarlet egg upon the horizon of Callisto. The Jupiter light flooded the vitrite garden, gave the plants there, chosen with an eye to this, strange, exotic, glowing colors, flushed Negu Mah and Sliss with a ruby radiance.

Towards that dark, waiting craft the two they had watched were even now stealing, tense with the weight of their daring and their crime. In a moment they would reach her, enter her, actuate machinery that was miraculous in its complex simplicity, and be g

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A moderately interesting story of treachery and revenge. Sci-fi takes a back seat to relationships, so be forewarned on that count.
Such Indulgence! Very clever,sensual and thought provoking. With a very clever twist at the end. It's a quick read, you'll enjoy it!
This story from the '40s seems to tap into the Yellow Peril pulps in which cruel and inscrutable Asians gave hapless heroes--exactly what they asked for!

Set on Jupiter's moon, Callisto, the interstellar tycoon Negu Mah explains to his reptillian friend Sliss (from Venus) how he plans to solve the problem of his unhappy wife.

The characters don't have a lot of depth or originality to them, though I found Sliss sympathetic. I don't think the race of Negu Mah matters all that much, he could be an Englishman and it wouldn't make any difference to the story