Murder at Bridge

Murder at Bridge


(6 Reviews)
Murder at Bridge by Anne Austin







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Murder at Bridge


(6 Reviews)
Special Investigator Bonnie Dundee digs into the mystery of the 'death hand' dealt in a game of Bridge, while the inhabitants of the small town of Hamilton joke about being the dummy for fear of being murdered...

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men--well, she simply tucks her head so that her shoulder-length black curls fall forward enchantingly, gives them one wistful smile out of her big eyes that are like black pansies and--the clink of slave chains!... Now go on and think I'm catty, which I suppose I am!"

Bonnie Dundee grinned at her reassuringly. Not for him to explain that practically all women and many men found themselves "gossiping" when he led them on adroitly, for reasons of his own. Which of course helped make him the excellent detective he was.

"So all the men in your crowd have fallen for Nita Selim, have they?"

"Practically all, in varying degrees, except Peter Dunlap, who has never looked at another woman since he was lucky enough to get Lois, and Clive Hammond, who's engaged to Polly Beale," Penny answered reluctantly, her color high.

"Including your young man?"

"I haven't a 'young man,' in the sense of being engaged," Penny retorted, then added honestly: "I have been letting Ralp

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I'm surprised at the enthusiastic prior reviews. This qualifies as corn and little else but. The characters are trite, including the brilliant detective who suspects person after person, accusing not a few, and the situations contrived.

Except for bridge devotees, I would have thought there'd be little interest. But then, I didn't finish it.
I was a bit disappointed when the detective found out the way Nita was murdered because the plot went so well until then. Anyway, this novel will keep you hooked until the end.
Broadway belle Nita Selim has come to a prosperous Midwestern town and inveigled herself into local high society. But neither she nor they are all what they seem, as becomes clear when she's found dead during a bridge party.

Investigator Bonnie Dundee tracks the killer with earnest derring-do, and the plot keeps him and the reader guessing pretty well. A few extraneous details could be done away with, but overall, it's a good read.
Grat fun! If you don't get the in-your-face clue at the very beginning, this one will really keep you guessing. So many suspects and so many motives. I would definitely like to read more by Anne Austin.
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