To Remember Charlie By

To Remember Charlie By


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To Remember Charlie By by Roger Dee







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To Remember Charlie By


(1 Review)
The history of this materialistic world is highlighted with strange events that scientists and historians, unable to explain logically, have dismissed with such labels as "supernatural," "miracle," etc. But there are those among us whose simple faith can—and often does—alter the scheme of the universe. Even a little child can do it....

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of moving the stars around worried me more, because it sounded outright crazy.

Not that you could blame him for going off his head. It was tough enough to be pinned to a wheelchair without being able to wiggle so much as a toe. But to lose his dog in the bargain....

I was on my third beer when Doc Shull rolled in with a big package under his arm. Doc was stone sober, which surprised me, and he was hot and tired from a shopping trip to Tampa, which surprised me more. It was when he ripped the paper off his package, though, that I thought he'd lost his mind.

"Books for Joey," Doc said. "Ethel and I agreed this morning that the boy needs another interest to occupy his time now, and since he can't go to school I'm going to teach him here."

He went on to explain that Ethel hadn't had the heart the night before, desperate as she was, to tell the kid the whole truth. She'd told him instead, quoting an imaginary customer at the Sea Shell Diner, that a tourist car with Michigan license pla

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An absorbing, if far-fetched, story of two drunks living in a trailer park next to a mom with a boy stuck in a wheelchair with polio. The boy wants things to happen very badly, and isn't grown up enough to know what's impossible.

Nice characters all around and a pretty good plot.