Assignment's End

Assignment's End


(2 Reviews)
Assignment's End by Roger Dee







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Assignment's End


(2 Reviews)
Alcorn's wild talent was miraculous ... he brought peace to everybody who came near him. Only one person was exempt—himself!

Book Excerpt

've found another one like--"

"Like yourself," she said. "But it's I who have found you. Did you really think you were unique, Philip Alcorn?"

He tried to answer and couldn't. The meeting he had dreamed of all his life had come about with precisely the electric suddenness he had imagined, but he felt none of the elation he had anticipated. He felt, instead, a sudden panic.

For behind Mulhall's secretary, he had a shutter-swift glimpse of the frozen plain, starkly clear with its huddle of metal buildings and its faceless people clustered on the snow-packed street.

Janice Wynn gave him no time to flounder for control. "You're the last," she said. "And the most stubborn of the lot. You're lucky that we could find you in the little time we have left."

Alcorn said hoarsely, "I don't know what you mean."

She looked more disappointed than surprised. "You've no inkling yet? I've known most of the truth for days, though I still haven't made the change. Your c

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A pretty good story about a man who calms everyone around him just by his presence. But he's tormented by strange nightmares of an Arctic landscape.

Some of the plot turns are dubious--the fate of the psychiatrist, for example--but there's a nice sense of the main character's being uprooted from his comfortable life.
Aycock's short story about a man who mysteriously brings peace and contentment to anyone within 50 feet of him is a riveting read. It's short, it's sweet and it never lags. One of Aycock's best.
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