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Pet Farm


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Pet Farm by Roger Dee







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Pet Farm


(2 Reviews)
The next worst thing to hell is being shanghaied into the Paradise of an alien planet!

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"Some of these are older than others," he explained when Stryker remarked on his selection. "But none are recent. It should help to know their exact age."

An hour later, they were bathed and dressed, sealed off comfortably in the ship against the humid heat and stink of the swamp. Farrell lay on a chart room acceleration couch, resting, while Stryker taped his swollen ankle. Gibson and Xavier, the one disdaining rest and the other needing none, used the time to run a test analysis on the bones brought in from the lakeside.

The results of that analysis were more astonishing than illuminating.

A majority of the fragments had been exposed to climatic action for some ten years. A smaller lot averaged twenty years; and a few odd chips, preserved by long burial under alluvial silt, thirty.

"The older natives died at ten-year intervals, then," Stryker said. "And in considerable numbers; the tribe must have been cut to half strength each time. But why?" He frowned unhapp

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A fairly interesting story, with decent writing. I only gave it three stars because the alien behavior is not only obviously based on that of an Earthly species, but the said reference is explicitly mentioned in the story before the reveal. It's almost like the author was saying "See, this could be real because it happens on Earth."

A reclamation crew, is rescuing yet another abandoned human colony from an alien race that had enslaved them, but later abandoned them. What they find almost kills them.
Excellent story. Starts out baffling, with a creepy ending. Nice description and characterization. An expedition is looking for human survivors on a hell world after the retreat of bee-like alien invaders.

The author used his imagination on this one.
Scott Falcon - Cutting Edge Technothrillers
FEATURED AUTHOR - Debuting in 2020, Scott Falcon is a new American author writing cutting edge novels in different thriller genres.Scott is an avid outdoorsman, a conservation advocate, and is a member/sponsor of Wild Oceans, World Wildlife Fund, The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, International Anti Poaching Foundation, and The Sea Shepard Conversation Society. Scott lives in Ventura, California. His technothriller, Threshold, was very well received. All five-star reviews, the epic novel hit #1 in Hard Science Fiction… Read more