The Anglers of Arz

The Anglers of Arz


(4 Reviews)
The Anglers of Arz by Roger Dee







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The Anglers of Arz


(4 Reviews)
In order to make Izaak Walton's sport complete, there must be an angler, a fish, and some bait. All three existed on Arz but there was a question as to which was which.

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ng off slowly, easing Farrell's fear of being permanently disabled.

"We never saw the city from the scouter because we didn't go high enough," Gibson said. "I realized that finally, remembering how they used high-altitude blimps during the First Wars to spot submarines, and when I took the scouter up far enough there it was, at the ocean bottom--a city to compare with anything men ever built."

Stryker stared. "A marine city? What use would sea-creatures have for buildings?"

"None," Gibson said. "I think the city must have been built ages ago--by men or by a manlike race, judging from the architecture--and was submerged later by a sinking of land masses that killed off the original builders and left Arz nothing but an oversized archipelago. The squids took over then, and from all appearances they've developed a culture of their own."

"I don't see it," Stryker complained, shaking his head. "The pink fishers--"

"Are cattle, or less," Gibson finished. "The octopods are the domin

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(1953) Sci-fi (Alien World/Customs)

From \\\'IF Worlds of Science Fiction\\\' January 1953.

R: ***

Plot bullets

While surveying a planet, the spaceship crew observes a strange sequence of what appears to be natives fishing.
Fisherman, flying lizards and giant octopi are seen.
The human like fisherman seem to be oblivious to the danger when fishing. and most die in the attempts.
The fisherman use the lizards to fish for the octopus, right?

Each morning, two of the dominant life form of Arz are eaten by dragons, which are eaten by squid-things. Farrell couldn't figure out why, and he got a little involved in his investigation.

Not a bad story, nothing special; you'll probably figure out what's going on before the space ship crewmen do.
All is not what it seems to be on Arz, a planet where the inhabitants seem to routinely sacrifice themselves to a brutal enemy for no apparent reason. An exploratory mission from Earth surprisingly figures out why.

Fast, easy and amusing read by Roger Aycock, just the thing for on-the-go scifi fans.
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