The Tale of Timothy Turtle

The Tale of Timothy Turtle


(2 Reviews)
The Tale of Timothy Turtle by Arthur Scott Bailey





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The Tale of Timothy Turtle


(2 Reviews)

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. Crow."

"What's your first name?" Timothy Turtle inquired, as he stared unpleasantly at the speaker.

"Never mind!" said the other. "Mr. Crow will do, if you want to attract my attention."

Timothy Turtle frowned.

"I don't want to," he retorted. "The fact is, I'd rather be alone. I don't care to have strangers peeping down at me when I'm enjoying a sun-bath."

"But I like to look at you," old Mr. Crow assured him solemnly. "You make me think of somebody I've known for a good many years."

"Ah! An old friend!" Timothy exclaimed.

"Well--not a friend, exactly," Mr. Crow explained. "He lives in the South, where I spend the winters. You look like him, in many ways."

"And his name?" Timothy Turtle said.

"Mr. Alligator!"

Timothy Turtle grunted.

"Humph!" he said. "I've never heard of him."

"That's not strange," old Mr. Crow told him. "He stays all the time in the South and you stay all the time in the North. You couldn't very we

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Funny review, Greg Homer. It's almost too bad it isn't true. Politically, the author was a Republican of the old school. If he had had any axe to grind, it would have been *against* Socialism, not for it.

Actually, it's a nice little, naturalistic sort of tale for children, much in the style of Thornton Burgess' books. Not only could I not find any propaganda, I couldn't find much in the way of a moral, either. But it's still rather enjoyable.
In the 1920s, the Socialist/Workers' movement was going strong. 'The Tale of Timothy Turtle', written for children, was actually a propaganda piece for the Socialist Workers Party.

Timothy Turtle works as a common laborer in huge factory run by J. P. Snappington, a wealthy and powerful industrialist Snapping Turtle.

Eventually, Timothy and his pals Travis Tortoise, Lizzie Lizard, and Fremont Frog revolt; they throw off the bonds of the tyrant capitalists and put the factory under common control by all the animals.

The four pals then move into an animal commune where they share the sexual favors of Lizzie Lizard.