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Judy by Temple Bailey





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A story for young girls. Two of the characters are Anne and Judy, the former gentle and self-controlled and the latter tempestuous but fine in the possibilities for her future womanhood. The third important character is Lancelot, a manly and masterful fellow, who helps Judy work out her life problems.

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y about the clothes."

But as she tied the shabby old hat with its faded roses on the fair little head, her own old eyes were wistful. "I wish I could give you pretty things, my little Anne," she whispered.

Anne gave a remorseful cry. "I don't mind, little grandmother," she said, "I don't really," and for a moment her warm young cheek lay against the soft old one.

A tiny mirror opposite reflected the two faces. "How much we look alike," cried Anne, noticing it for the first time. Then she sighed. "But my hair doesn't curl like yours, little grandmother," and in that lament was voiced the greatest trial, that had, as yet, come to Anne.

"Neither does Judy's," said Mrs. Batcheller, and Anne brightened up, but when she went down-stairs and saw Judy's bronze locks giving out wonderful lights where they were looped up with a broad black ribbon she sighed again.

When the carriage drove around, Anne caught Belinda up in her arms.

"Good-bye, pussy cat, pussy cat," she cried, "t

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Willful, orphaned Judy, age 14, has come to live with her grandfather in a rural town, away from her beloved seaside. She hates the country and many other things besides, as she announces frequently, but nevertheless befriends the almost saintly young Anne, brave but bossy Launcelot and other village children, gradually mellowing amid companions who are nearly all cloyingly good. It's a little reminiscent of "The Secret Garden," but less powerful.

I loved this book. It's a wonderful story that explores true friendship. Judy and Anne meet and quickly become best friends. Though the book only covers a short time in their lives you get a hint of what is to come. Great read.