The Court Jester

The Court Jester


(2 Reviews)
The Court Jester by Cornelia Baker





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The Court Jester


(2 Reviews)
A fascinating tale of two high-bred little ladies of the sixteenth century, the Duchess Anne of Brittany and the Princess Marguerite of Austria. These two girls are real children, with a love of dolls and pets and stories and a knack of getting themselves and other people into amusing trouble. Strangely mingled with their fortunes is a famous court jester, witty and impudent, but a true friend. Again Mrs. Baker proves how gay and entertaining the historical romance may be made for children.

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or his musical talent and his handsome face, he was no more to her than any other page.

So there were not two lighter hearts in the good duchy of Burgundy than were those of the page and the jester as they set about making their preparations for departure. They were pleased to leave the court where life had grown so monotonous, and they were delighted that they were to go in each other's company, for though there was a difference of some fifteen years in their respective ages, Le Glorieux and Antoine were very fond of each other.



The following morning bright and early the procession rode briskly out of the castle courtyard. The Lady Clotilde traveled in her litter and was attended by her maids and her men-servants and her guards on mules, the guards being necessary, for it was dangerous for those possessing money and jewels to travel unless they were protected from the outlaws who infested mountain and fo

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I read this based on the recommendation of kveto of prague. I wasn't disappointed. I will simply second everything she (?) said about the book.
A true hidden gem. I found this while searching for books for my daughters. Ostensibly a children's book it has more appeal for adults.
Possibly the best written piece of fiction Ive read in a long time. It makes central European politics interesting by giving personality to the characters. Brilliant witty dialougue, especially in the mouth of the title character, the Jester.
Written in 1906, this better captures the feel of historical fiction than anything written today. It truly transports you to the period and like all good HF it imparts little details about daily life that you'd not learn elsewhere.
All modern HF writers should take note of this gem. It deserves to be remembered.
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