The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
Being the Story of a Great Fight Between Man and the Sea


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The Lighthouse by Robert Michael Ballantyne







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The Lighthouse
Being the Story of a Great Fight Between Man and the Sea


(1 Review)

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perhaps, the wildest and most picturesque cliffs on the east coast of Scotland. Inland the country is rather flat, but elevated several hundred feet above the level of the sea, towards which it slopes gently until it reaches the shore, where it terminates in abrupt, perpendicular precipices, varying from a hundred to two hundred feet in height. In many places the cliffs overhang the water, and all along the coast they have been perforated and torn up by the waves, so as to present singularly bold and picturesque outlines, with caverns, inlets, and sequestered "coves" of every form and size.

To the top of these cliffs, in the afternoon of the day on which our tale opens, a young girl wended her way,--slowly, as if she had no other object in view than a stroll, and sadly, as if her mind were more engaged with the thoughts within than with the magnificent prospect of land and sea without. The girl was:

"Fair, fair, with golden hair,"

and apparently about twenty years of age. She sought out a

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(1865) Historical Fiction / Adventure

R: ****

Plot bullets

Fictional story of a boy who is falsely branded as a thief, and seeks work at a Lighthouse construction site, to avoid capture while his family tries to prove his innocence.
Construction of the Bell Rock lighthouse off Scotland, based on fact.
Only a few hours a day could be devoted to the construction,
since the rock, it was built on, is twelve feet under water, except at low tide.

Incidents of the actual building of the lighthouse were taken from the writing of the architect, then encompassed by a fictional story. It is written in Ballantyne\'s \'young reader\' style, although it is written for all, despite the frequent \'dear reader\' and \'our hero\' references,.some bad guys (but not too bad) and a somewhat saint like leading character.
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