The Madman and the Pirate

The Madman and the Pirate


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The Madman and the Pirate by Robert Michael Ballantyne







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The Madman and the Pirate


(1 Review)
Another production for boys from the pen of their old friend, Mr. R. M. Ballantyne, and equal, in the interest attaching to these exciting adventures which boys love, to any of its predecessors.

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ght have answered temperately if they had been alone, but Zeppa was lying on a locker reading, and his son was also present, and Rosco knew that the captain meant to put him to shame before them. His spirit fired.

"Scoundrel!" he cried, "the measure of your iniquity is filled. You shall no longer command this schooner--"

Thus far he got when the captain, livid with rage, sprang up to rush at him. Zeppa also leaped up to aid in putting down what he clearly perceived was premeditated mutiny, but the mate sprang out of the cabin, and, shutting the door with a bang, locked it. At the same instant the man at the wheel--knowing what had occurred--closed and fastened the cabin sky-light. The captain threw himself several times with all his weight against the door, but it opened inwards and could not be forced.

There were two square windows in the stern of the schooner, one of which was open. Orlando perceived this, sprang up, clambered through it, gained the deck unperceived, and, running down t

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The story is about the Polynesian islands. A white man settled in a polynesian island lost his son during a voyage of a pirate ship. He was exiled to another unknown island and lost his human reason. The later part of the story tells how he got his son back and restored to his native island. The story has a happy ending. The author infused some humor into the natives' character.
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