An Episode Under the Terror

An Episode Under the Terror


(1 Review)
An Episode Under the Terror by Honoré de Balzac



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An Episode Under the Terror


(1 Review)
Translated by Clara Bell and others.

Book Excerpt

p> "You seem very poorly, citoyenne----"

"Perhaps madame might like to take something," the wife broke in.

"We have some very nice broth," added the pastry-cook.

"And it is so cold," continued his wife; "perhaps you have caught a chill, madame, on your way here. But you can rest and warm yourself a bit."

"We are not so black as the devil!" cried the man.

The kindly intention in the words and tones of the charitable couple won the old lady's confidence. She said that a strange man had been following her, and she was afraid to go home alone.

"Is that all!" returned he of the red bonnet; "wait for me, citoyenne."

He handed the gold coin to his wife, and then went out to put on his National Guard's uniform, impelled thereto by the idea of making some adequate return for the money; an idea that sometimes slips into a tradesman's head when he has been prodigiously overpaid for goods of no great value. He took up his cap, buckled on his sabre, and came out in full dress. But his wife had had tim

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Good story. Aristocrats and a priest in hiding during the French Revolution are discovered by a stranger and asked to say a memorial Mass. Then the revolution changes direction and stranger's identity is revealed.

Excellent characterization of everyone in the story--all are individuals with their own guilts and fears.

Read it.