Over the Plum Pudding

Over the Plum Pudding


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Over the Plum Pudding by John Kendrick Bangs





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Over the Plum Pudding


(1 Review)

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idence will be near to its ultimate link, for it may be that I shall turn out to be that man.'"

Thus the story runs on, and the pseudo-Higgins delights his fellow-guests with the brilliance of his conversation. He eats lightly, when suddenly a flash of triumph comes into his deep-set eyes, for on cutting open the turkey gizzard the diamond brooch is disclosed. He seems about to faint, but with a strong effort of the will he regains his strength and arises.

"Mrs. Wilbraham,' he said, quietly and simply--'ladies and gentlemen, I must leave you. I take the 9.10 train for London. May I be excused?'

"The eyes of the company opened wide.

"'Why--must you really go, Mr Higgins?' Mrs. Wilbraham queried

"'It is imperative,' said he. 'I am going to have myself identified. The finding of this diamond brooch in a turkey gizzard convinces me that I am Sherlock Holmes. Such a thing could happen to no other, yet I may be mistaken. I shall call at once upon a certain Dr. Watson, of London, a

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(1901) Humor / Satire
Plot bullets

A humorous collection of some of Bang's periodical articles and short stories. It matters, not, if the stories were told over the boarding house breakfast table by 'the Idiot' or over the Christmas Plum (raisin) Pudding by others, laughter abounds.
Bangs begins by telling why the book you are reading was never put in print. He then supplies several seasonal stories and then into ghost stories and other subjects.

Dedication And Explanation

Over The Plum-Pudding

Bills, M.D. -- A Christmas Ghost I Have Met

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The Amalgamated Brotherhood Of Spooks - A Letter To The Editor

A Glance Ahead - Being A Christmas Tale Of A.D. 3568

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The Affliction Of Baron Humpfelhimmel

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