The Adventure Club Afloat

The Adventure Club Afloat


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The Adventure Club Afloat by Ralph Henry Barbour





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The Adventure Club Afloat


(1 Review)

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n't want to say offhand. We'd have to figure that. That's another reason for filling the boat up, though. The more we have the less everyone's share of the expense will be."

"Let's have the whole six, then, for money's scarce in my family these days. Let's make it a club, fellows. The Club of Six, or something of that sort. It sounds fine!"

"Take in another fellow and call it The Lucky Seven," suggested Joe.

"We might not be lucky, though," laughed Steve. "I'll tell you a better name."


"The Adventure Club."



And that is the way in which it happened. It began in fun and ended quite seriously. They sat up in Number 17 Sumner until long after bedtime that night, figuring the cost of the expedition, planning the cruise, even listing supplies. The more they talked about it the more their enthusiasm grew. Perry was for having Steve send a night message then and there to his father asking for the boat, but Steve preferre

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(1917) Young Readers / Adventure (Coastal motorboat voyage)

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Plot bullets

A group of college friends want some adventure. Real adventure, not just college sports. They form The Adventure Club.
They realize that adventure might await them elsewhere, but not at college or back home. They decide to go on a motorboat excursion along the Atlantic coast.
The number of boys who wan to go expands and a second motorboat and crew rounds out the venture.
Bad weather always adds to the dangers of any sea voyage, and they have their share of that, but these boys also run into a dangerous group of thieves and have to fight for one of the boats.
Dangers, mishaps, comradeship, perhaps unexpected profit and memories to last a lifetime are all part of what might be expected by those boys, who would be \'The Adventure Club Afloat\'.

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