In the Midst of Alarms

In the Midst of Alarms


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In the Midst of Alarms by Robert Barr







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In the Midst of Alarms


(1 Review)

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rt month. I had some theories on the education of our youth which did not seem to chime in with the prejudices the school trustees had already formed on the subject."

The professor was at once all attention. Touch a man on his business, and he generally responds by being interested.

"And what were your theories?" he asked.

"Well, I thought a teacher should look after the physical as well as the mental welfare of his pupils. It did not seem to me that his duty to those under his charge ended with mere book learning."

"I quite agree with you," said the professor cordially.

"Thanks. Well, the trustees didn't. I joined the boys at their games, hoping my example would have an influence on their conduct on the playground as well as in the schoolroom. We got up a rattling good cricket club. You may not remember that I stood rather better in cricket at the academy than I did in mathematics or grammar. By handicapping me with several poor players, and having the best players among the boys in opposition

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A humorous tale

A self serving, roguish, newspaper reporter from New York heads off to Canada on his vacation to get away from it all with his former friend - a very sincere, self conscience and well mannered Canadian professor.

They set up camp next to two farm families each possessing young and attractive daughters.

In the midst of their wooing and ensuing complications a war breaks out. A rag-tag army of Irish-American immigrants invade the neighborhood in their attempt to conquer Canada and force England to free the Irish. (Based on the Fenian invasion - strange but true, only the facts have been altered.)

Everything is eventually resolved with humor and wit.

This book won't change your life but it stands a reasonable good chance of getting you through the next couple of days with a warm chuckle and a smile.

Not a bad bargain for hard times.