The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont

The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont


(2 Reviews)
The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont by Robert Barr







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The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont


(2 Reviews)
I - The Finding of the Fated Five HundredII - The Scene in the Sale RoomIII - The Midnight Race down the SeineIV - The Oddities of the EnglishV - The Siamese Twin of a Bomb ThrowerVI - A Rebuff and a ResponseVII - In The Grip of the Green DemonVIII - The Fate of the Picric BombIX - The Dinner for Seven in the TempleX - The Clew of the Silver SpoonsXI - "O My Prophetic Soul, My Uncle!"XII - Lord Chizelrigg's Missing FortuneXIII - The Futility of a Search WarrantXIV - Mr. Spenser Hale of Scotland YardXV - The Strange House in Park LaneXVI - The Queer Shop in Tottenham Court RoadXVII - The Absent-Minded CoterieXVIII - The Sad Case of Sophia BrooksXIX - A Commission from Lord RantremlyXX - The Ghost with the ClubfootXXI - The Secret of a Noble HouseXXII - Liberating the Wrong ManXXIII - The Fascinating Lady AliciaXXIV - Where the Emeralds Were Found

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onting me. Here was a man about whom we knew nothing whatever. I had come to the instant conclusion that he was a prince of criminals, and that a sinister design, not at that moment fathomed by me, was on foot to get possession of the jewels. The handing up of the cheque was clearly a trick of some sort, and I fully expected the official to return and say the draft was good. I determined to prevent this man from getting the jewel box until I knew more of his game. Quickly I removed from my place near the door to the auctioneer's desk, having two objects in view first, to warn the auctioneer not to part with the treasure too easily; and, second, to study the suspected man at closer range. Of all evil-doers the American is most to be feared; he uses more ingenuity in the planning of his projects, and will take greater risks in carrying them out than any other malefactor on earth.

From my new station I saw there were two men to deal with. The bidder's face was keen and intellectual; his hands refined, lad

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Funny and enjoyable, an ironic main character, an anti-detective, or maybe just accursed by bad luck, but when he tries and they let him, a very efficient one.
Curious, original, comical, lets you pass some pleasant hours.
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