''Pig-Headed'' Sailor Men

''Pig-Headed'' Sailor Men


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''Pig-Headed'' Sailor Men by Louis Becke





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''Pig-Headed'' Sailor Men


(1 Review)
From The Strange Adventure of James Shervinton and Other Stories.

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ut on to the bowsprit, and, watching their chance, had dropped over into a curling roller, and were carried safely ashore.

I had with me on board about nine hundred silver Mexican and Chili dollars--some in a cash box, the rest in a bag. Calling my native servant, Levi, I asked him if he thought all the boats would get ashore safely. He shook his head, said that it was doubtful, and that it would be better for me to throw the bag and the cash box over the lee side, where they were pretty sure to be recovered in the morning at low tide.

"All the boats will capsize, or get stove in, going over the reef, or else will be smashed to bits on the shore," he said, "and the natives will steal everything they can lay their hands on, especially if the white men are drowned. So it is better to throw the money overboard."

I took his advice, and going on deck, we dropped both box and bag overboard, just where Levi pointed out a big boulder, against which the brigantine was crushing and pounding her qua

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(1902) Nautical / Short story

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One unfortunate man gets involved on three different occasions with mariners who should not be in authority.
To loose your possessions or life to the whims of Nature is one thing, but to pigheadedness, brashness, an inflated ego or even stupidity; quite another.

From 'The Strange Adventure Of James Shervinton and Other Stories' - 1902