Come Rack! Come Rope!

Come Rack! Come Rope!


(2 Reviews)
Come Rack! Come Rope! by Robert Hugh Benson







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Come Rack! Come Rope!


(2 Reviews)

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w he should tell her. And then at last she drew it from him.

"And now, my Robin," she said, "tell me what you have in your mind. You have talked of this and that and Agnes and Jock, and Padley chase, and you have not once looked me in the eyes since you first came in."

Now it was not shame that had held him from telling her, but rather a kind of bewilderment. The affair might hold shame, indeed, or anger, or sorrow, or complacence, but he did not know; and he wished, as young men of decent birth should wish, to present the proper emotion on its right occasion. He had pondered on the matter continually since his father had spoken to him on Saint Stephen's night; and at one time it seemed that his father was acting the part of a traitor and at another of a philosopher. If it were indeed true, after all, that all men were turning Protestant, and that there was not so much difference between the two religions, then it would be the act of a wise man to turn Protestant too, if only for a while. And on

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This was an amazing book. Full of historic facts, but totally not boring, this had me riveted. I mea, you read a review on ionlineor in a catelogue and you think, «Dang, that is so dweeby homeschooler stuff.» But it's not. I was up till one in the morning reading this, and I like hardly ever find anything that interesting. So, yeah, I give this five stars!
This book should also be classified as history. This is great historical fiction about a young man and his love -- and the decisions they must make, come rack, come rope! Placed in England under Queen Elizabeth's persecution, Monsignor Benson has done meticulous research to present the time and mind-sets of his characters in an enthralling manner. We use this book in our school as part of the eighth grade literature course.
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