None Other Gods

None Other Gods


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None Other Gods by Robert Hugh Benson





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None Other Gods


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From Father Benson one expects the extraordinary. His latest book, None Other Gods, is unspeakably strange in theme and treatment; religiously it is quite unconventional. The story is of the Honorable Frank Guiseley, second son of an English nobleman, and, in the first chapters, student at Cambridge. Frank has become a Catholic, and in consequence has been cast off by his father without even the proverbial shilling. He startles his friends by announcing an auction sale of his furniture, books, and clothes; later, armed with the resultant thirteen pounds and his exeat from Cambridge, he "takes to the roads" very literally and determinedly. To the remonstrances of his friend Jack Kirkby, Frank's reply is, "I'm going to find out things for myself."

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-room furniture, upholstered in damask, the sofa only slightly stained with tea; one oak table and another; a bed; a chest of drawers (imitation walnut, and not a very good imitation); a mahogany glass-fronted bookcase, containing a set of suggestive-looking volumes bound in faint colors, with white labels; four oriental mats; a portrait of a gentleman (warranted a perfectly respectable ancestor); dining-room suite (odd chairs); numerous engravings of places of interest and noblemen's seats; a

_Silver Cigarette-box and fifteen Cigarettes in it (Melachrino and Mixed American_); a cuckoo-clock (without cuckoo); five walking-sticks; numerous suits of clothes (one lot suitable for Charitable Purposes); some books--all VERY CURIOUS indeed--comprising the works of an Eminent Cambridge Professor, and other scholastic luminaries, as well as many other articles.

AT HALF-PAST TEN A.M. PRECISELY All friends, and strangers, cordially invited. NO RESERVE PRICE.

It served its purpose admirably, for by

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