Thurston of Orchard Valley

Thurston of Orchard Valley


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Thurston of Orchard Valley by Harold Bindloss







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Thurston of Orchard Valley


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Thurston makes a very satisfactory hero, and his engineering exploits are difficult and daring enough to hold us fairly breathless. The author does not indulge in subtleties of analysis, and his characters are never deeply convincing in their psychology; but he has a feeling for nature that he knows how to make contagious, and an instinct for the picturesque. If the company to which he introduces us is made up of lay figures, it is at least an interesting society,— and it must not be forgotten that most of the people we meet in actual life are hardly more than lay figures in our consciousness.

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ese people are willing to buy the mine, why should you refuse?" she returned in a temporizing tone.

If Thurston was less in love with Millicent Austin than he had been, he hardly realized it then. He was disappointed, and his forehead contracted as he struggled with as heavy a temptation as could have assailed the honor of any man. Millicent was very fair to look upon, as she turned to him with entreaty and anxiety in her face.

Nevertheless, he answered wearily: "It is not an ordinary business transaction. These people would pay me with the general public's money, and when the mine proves profitless, as it certainly will, they would turn the deluded shareholders loose on me."

"There are always risks in mining," Millicent observed significantly. "The investing public understands that, doesn't it? Of course, I would not have you dishonest, but, Geoffrey----"

Thurston was patient in action, but seldom in speech, and he broke out hotly:

"Many a woman has sent a man to his damnat

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