Zero Hour

Zero Hour


(2 Reviews)
Zero Hour by Alexander Blade







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Zero Hour


(2 Reviews)
By accident Bobby discovered the rocket was about to be shot to the Moon. Naturally he wanted to go along. But could he smuggle himself aboard?

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er he was gone, she would remember back and say, That boy! When he tells you something he really means it.

Bobby smiled and said, "I think I'll go to the moon today."

Mom smiled too and went back to her fashions. "Well, see to it your fuel mixture is correct."

"I'll check it. And Mom--I might not be home for lunch."

"Where will you be?"

"Oh, I don't know."

"Well, mind your manners and say thank you when you leave."

Mrs. Kendall, still smiling, watched Bobby dash out into the yard. Living on a restricted government area had one compensation at least. You didn't have to worry abo

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A kid whose father works on a secret project manages to figure out it's a moon rocket. He's found a way into the restricted area and plans to stowaway on the moon flight.

The kid is best described as spunky '50s Disney. His dad is dull and his mom reads fashion magazines and makes dinner. The ending gave me a bit of a start.
I didn't have to much expectations on this troy, given what I had read about it while browsing the catalogue.
It turned to be much better than what I expected. The story developes nicely and Alexander Blade manages to show the world through the child's eyes in a masterful way.
Very entertaining and with a kind end (for a more dramatic one, just stop when Bobby's dad gets home and speaks to his wife)its a great story to share with your kids.
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