Games For All Occasions

Games For All Occasions


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Games For All Occasions by Mary E. Blain







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Games For All Occasions


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he games, pastimes and entertainments described herewith were collected, remembered and originated respectively with the view of pleasing all of the children, from the tiny tot to, and including the "grown-up," each according to their age and temperament.

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r up, My fair lady!


The story of this is originally a love story. The young lady dies from a blighted affection and the prohibition of cruel parents.

A mother, seated, Miss Jones stands behind her chair, or reclines on her lap as if lying sick. A dancer advances from the ring.

"I've come to see Miss Jennia Jones, Miss Jennia Jones, Miss Jennia Jones-- I've come to see Miss Jennia Jones, And how is she to-day?"

"She's up stairs washing, Washing, washing-- She's up stairs washing, You cannot see her to-day."

The questions are repeated to the same air for every day of the week and Miss Jones is baking, ironing, or scrubbing. She is then sick or worse and finally is dead.

"What shall we dress her in, Dress her in, dress her in; What shall we dress her in-- Shall it be blue?"

"Blue is for sailors, So that will never do."

"What shall we dress her in, Shall it be red?" "Red is for firemen, So that will never do."

"Pink is for bab

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