Sixty Years of California Song

Sixty Years of California Song


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Sixty Years of California Song by Margaret Blake-Alverson





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Sixty Years of California Song


(1 Review)

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His sister Barbara was my great-grandmother. After the death of my granduncle some of the family came to America. They were not aware of the death of their distinguished brother and the heirs did not claim the vast fortune, which amounted to 20,000,000 guilders at that time and now with compound interest should be to 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 guilders, and is still in the possession of the King and in the treasuries of the Netherlands. The heirs have been deprived of it all these years, although they have from one generation to another fought

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According the author Mrs. Blake-Alverson, these are the top ten songs from California of all time (a list I strongly disagree with!):

10. Good Vibrations-The Beach Boys
9. Oh Oxnard, We Love You-Reginald Blake-Alverson
8. I Left My Heart in San Francisco-Tony Bennett (Cory/Ross)
7. Manteca, the Gateway to Fresno-Reginald Blake-Alverson
6. Light My Fire-The Doors
5. California Dreamin'-Mamas and the Papas
4. Bakersfield Fanfaire-Reginald Blake-Alverson
3. San Fernando Etude and Variation-Reginald Blake-Alverson
2. Last Train to Clarksville-The Monkees
1. Modesto March of Progress-Reginald Blake-Alverson

Seems Mrs. Margaret Blake-Alverson is somewhat biased toward the music of her son, Reginald.
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