The Emigrant Trail

The Emigrant Trail


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The Emigrant Trail by Geraldine Bonner







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The Emigrant Trail


(1 Review)
A tale of Western life at the time of the rush to California in 1848. Dr. Gillispie and his daughter are joined on their way to the coast by David Crystal, who soon falls in love with Susan. She promises to marry this poetical youth, though she is not ardently in love with him. But a more powerful man comes into her life. Low Courant, at first repulsive to Susan, eventually wins her love and admiration through his manliness and strength. Her father, who dies on the way, wanted Susan to promise that she would marry David at once, but this she refused to do. David becomes insanely jealous of the other man. He attacks his rival, and in the struggle is thrown over a cliff. Courant alone knows of this, and even he believes the young man dead, while in reality he is rescued by another party. Susan and Low are married, and together make their way to the "Promised Land."

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n who know say that."

"So we've heard," said the father, "but we hoped that we'd catch them up. Our outfit is very light, only one wagon, and our driver is a thoroughly capable and experienced man. What we want are some companions with whom we can travel till we overhaul the others. I'd start alone, but with my daughter----"

She cut in at once, giving his arm a little, irritated shake:

"Of course you couldn't do that." Then to the young men: "My father's been sick for quite a long time, all last winter. It's for his health we're going to California, and, of course, he couldn't start without some other men in the party. Indians might attack us, and at the hotel they said the Mormons were scattered all along the road and thought nothing of shooting a Gentile."

Her father gave the fingers crooked on his arm a little squeeze with his elbow. It was evident the pair were very good friends.

"You'll make these young men think I'm a helpless invalid, who'll lie in the wagon all day.


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The problem that I had with this book is that the author kept completely changing the personality of her characters until I didn't recognize them anymore. I didn't find myself liking any of them except for Dr. Gillepsie. However there are some vivid descriptions of the emigrant trail and as a historical fiction piece it's okay.