Chip, of the Flying U

Chip, of the Flying U


(2 Reviews)
Chip, of the Flying U by B. M. Bower







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Chip, of the Flying U


(2 Reviews)
All of the boys at the Flying U grumbled -- among themselves -- when they heard that the Old Man's sister was coming to spend the summer. They didn't want a woman at the ranch, and certainly not one who had just received a medical degree! But if they'd had an inkling of what was really going to happen, they would have done more than grumble...

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Chip, feeling the scrutiny, grew inwardly defiant.

Miss Whitmore decided, after a close inspection, that she rather liked his looks, though he did not strike her as a very amiable young man. Perhaps she was a bit tired of amiable young men. His face was thin, and refined, and strong--the strength of level brows, straight nose and square chin, with a pair of paradoxical lips, which were curved and womanish in their sensitiveness; the refinement was an intangible expression which belonged to no particular feature but pervaded the whole face. As to his eyes, she was left to speculate upon their color, since she had not seen them, but she reflected that many a girl would give a good deal to own his lashes.

Of a sudden he turned his eyes from the trail and met her look squarely. If he meant to confuse her, he failed--for she only smiled and said to herself: "They're hazel."

"Don't you think we ought to introduce ourselves?" she asked, composedly, when she was quite sure the eyes were not brown

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Pleasant western, if not terribly gripping. If it's high adventure you're after, better go to Max Brand or Willilam MacLeod Raines. This one is good for a rainy afternoon, with a few naps in between reading sessions.
A light-hearted story with pleasant characters -- not great literature, but fun to read. The western elements are in the background, which makes this more of a ranch-romance; all of the cowboys are ranch-hands.