Year of the Big Thaw

Year of the Big Thaw


(2 Reviews)
Year of the Big Thaw by Marion Zimmer Bradley







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Year of the Big Thaw


(2 Reviews)
Mr. Emmett did his duty by the visitor from another world--never doubting the right of it.

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more than that for a farm boy. Way back when he was a little shaver so high, when the war came on, he was bounden he was going to sail with this Admiral Farragut. You know boys that age--like runaway colts. I couldn't see no good in his being cabin boy on some tarnation Navy ship and I told him so. If he'd wanted to sail out on a whaling ship, I 'low I'd have let him go. But Marthy--that's the boy's Ma--took on so that Matt stayed home. Yes, he's a good boy and a good son.

We'll miss him a powerful lot if he gets this scholarship thing. But I 'low it'll be good for the boy to get some learnin' besides what he gets in the school here. It's right kind of you, Rev'rend, to look over this application thing for me.

Well, if he is your own son, Mr. Emmett, why did you write 'birthplace unknown' on the line here?

Rev'rend Doane, I'm glad you asked m

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A beautifully crafted story of a starship crash done from the point of view and in the dialect of a New England farmer. Completely absorbing. I envy the author's skill.
Told mostly from the first-person viewpoint of a farmer living in upstate New York at around the turn of the 20th century, this is a short but poignant little story that never fails to hold interest. The premise: a spaceship crashes on the property of said farmer, providing him with an unexpected addition to his household.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - Ica, the author's pseudonym, is a nickname given by his brother when he was a child. His actual name is Mihail Militaru, and he was born in Romania during the communist era. That period has affected him profoundly and formed him at the same time. The communist regime believed that religion and especially God had to be removed from people's lives. That was the teaching given at every stage of development, from kindergarten to university. Ică had to learn God's lessons negating existence, and as… Read more