The Game Played in the Dark

The Game Played in the Dark


(1 Review)
The Game Played in the Dark by Ernest Bramah







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The Game Played in the Dark


(1 Review)
A Max Carrados mystery.

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. 'Aha,' says Gian, 'what have we here?' and he goes down upon his knees to see. It is an oil jar of red earth, Signor, such as was anciently used, and in it is filled with silver money.

"Gian is poor but he is wise. Does he call upon the authorities? No, no; he understands that they are all corrupt. He carries what he has found to my husband for he knows him to be a man of great honour.

"My husband also is of brief decision. His mind is made up. 'Gian,' he says, 'keep your mouth shut. This will be to your ultimate profit.' Gian understands, for he can trust my husband. He makes a sign of mutual implication. Then he goes back to the spade digging.

"My husband understands a little of these things but not enough. We go to the collections of Messina and Naples and even Rome and there we see other pieces of silver money, similar, and learn that they are of great value. They are of different sizes but most would cover a lira and of the thickness of two. On the one side imagine the great head o

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An old, almost creaking, mystery starring a blind English detective. He has a brilliant mind and senses things other people miss, and the criminal world would like nothing more than to get him out of the way. That being said, I didn't quite get what the mystery with Countess X was. The story was more of an adventure/battle of wits, with everyone speaking ponderous upper-class English.
It isn't bad, but be aware it's set at the beginning of the last century.
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